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Vancouver Art Scene

Myself Annsabelle, benefits from the Vancouver art scene.

What is Abstract art?

What is Abstract Art?   Abstract art (sometimes called nonobjective art) is a painting or sculpture that does not depict a person, place, or thing in the natural world. With abstract art, the subject of the work is based on what you see: color, shapes, brushstrokes, size, scale, and, in some cases, the process itself, as in action…
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Artist Spotlight on Jetset Magazine by: Ty Fahlman Oct.11, 2016 – present   Featured Artist at The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. Univ.of British Columbia, Facebook Page posted on July 2, 2016   North Shore News Abstract Display Dec. 21, 2015 – Jan. 1, 2016   My paintings was featured on Instagram  by: garman_freeman nscottslife…
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Best Abstract Artists

I call my collection of work inspiration for all. Creativeness comes from places deep in our soul. We all want to find purpose in life. Sometimes heavy thoughts are colours in my dreams. My greatest art is sometimes inspired at the latest hours of everyday when my minds eye turns my hand into strokes of…
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