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Biography – Annsabelle

By: M. Marcel Sangsari

Annsabelle “Ann-ann” Ramas (b. Annsabelle Recitas Ramas on March 7, 1980) Is a Filipino-Canadian Abstract Artist. Her provocative, imaginative works recently landed her a feature in the prestigious lifestyle magazine, Jet Set.

Annsabelle’s art is rooted in her love of the splendours and senses of her land, the Philippines, and her struggles with – and courage to forge ahead from – personal experiences of heartache and pain. Her free strokes feature rich, colourful depth and unmistakable gravitas. Annsabelle is most in her element – brush in hand – painting her intricate feelings on a blank canvas.

Her collection of work is called Inspiration For All.  Believing that creativity comes from places deep in our soul, she hopes her art will help others find purpose and meaning in their life.

If the mundane doesn’t make sense to you, perhaps Annsabelle’s divine strokes of thoughts and dreams may speak to your soul.

Annsabelle’s greatest art is inspired at the latest hours of the day when her mind’s eye turns her hand into strokes of chaos. Yesterday’s paint strokes of dark days past are making way for bright future horizons.


Annsabelle’s Early Life: By: Philannie Lyn Ramas Tan (sister)

Annsabelle “Ann-ann” Ramas Pronych ( born Annsabelle Recitas Ramas; in March 7,1980) Is a Filipino-Canadian Abstract Artist one of the most provocative & notable fine artists of recent memory. She was featured in JetSet Magazine, a prestigious Lifestyle magazine.


Early Life

Annsabelle Ramas Pronych was born in a rural village in Butuan City, island of Philippines. To a family of 6 siblings .She is the eldest.Both parents are Minister, & she spent half of her life serving at church & people, but when her father decided to enter politics. Everything has changed.
To earn and maintain her studies, Annsabelle had to spend her time selling goods inside her classroom. She sold some candies, fruits in her classmates. And barter it as well. Since then, she possess creativity and became independent on her own.
She is a consistent honor student in her class during her primary schools except when she got transferred from another school when she enters Grade 6. She graduated from Philippine Normal University in Elementary. Entered first year high school in San Francisco Agusan del Sur & move in to Taguig National High School and was enrolled from second year up to fourth year High School. Despite of not having a permanent address. Annsabelle has the spirit of determination & focused. She continues to manage her studies and joined extracurricular activities at school. Her enthusiast brought her to be honor students consistently in her class during that time. She even won a Beauty Pageant at school and awarded as Ms. Talent. She is also one of the officers of MOCC a military cadet assigned at school. Though she has been traumatized and experienced hazing & almost killed her. She continue to pursue & proven the real strength within her. And that serves as her second life and loving life. That’s why she continues to strive hard.
She was sent to a College on Scholarship program by being a Student Assistant in Dean’s Office and Library of Philippine Christian University in Taft, Manila. & joined organization & won as Ms. Friendship on a School Beauty Pageant. She completed her studies in year 2000 with a Bachelors Degree Major in Broadcast Journalism & took Nursing Course at Emilio Aguinaldo College from June to March 2004. She also went to College of New Caledonia in Prince George  and studied English, and Drake Medox College in Vancouver BC and got her Certification in Community Health Worker.


Life as an Immigrant
Annsabelle got married in 2003 with a Canadian husband. They lived few years in the Philippines. But in 2005 immigrated to British Columbia, Canada and left her family . She became a stay-at-home wife during her first year and encountered culture shock but she tried to apply a stable job. Then she got hired and joined Canadian Tire in 2006 at Prince George, Canada & transferred in Vancouver from another Canadian Tire when she and her ex-husband separated in 2008 & finalized their divorced in 2009.

After her heavy luggage from previous relationship. She picked herself up and chooses to fall in love all over again with a new boyfriend. Though she tried to find a way to make it work. But years later a sudden and unexpected broke up happened again. It only lasted for 3 years.

Her Deepest Why

After that heartaches. It took her long time to figure it out why. So many questions in her mind, unstable emotions. To cope up with the healing process she was encourage to paint her life story.

She expresses her emotions through her abstract art works. What she had experience, dealing the grief, rejection, stress, anger, building a self-esteem, letting go and completely healing her heart.

Refining her own visual and focus on the points. Chaos, pain, heartaches, mixed emotions inside her. She calls her collection as an inspiration for all. It came from places, deep in her soul. And connects every individual. Finding the real purpose of life. The true meaning of it despite of struggles.

According to Annsabelle, her works would like to connect in each audience who encountered the same situation.

She just didn’t just paint; it also talked and touched everyone to pull back oneself who’s experiencing hopelessness and depression. To influence her audience she uses passion. Indeed, shown in her paintings a remarkable and deep strength coming from within that make an impact to everyone.

She is a woman of substance. Fight each day and take courage to face it no matter how difficult it is. She survived despite of any struggle because she is strong through and through.
She always thinks the people who are meant to be in her life. The one who will love and respect her truly.
She believes that these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for. Wanted and longing to be with her roots.
That one day, she will be back in the Philippines to visit her family.



Inspiration for all…

I call my collection of art  Inspiration for all 

Creativeness comes from places deep in our soul

We all want to find purpose in life

Sometimes heavy thoughts

are colours in my dreams

My greatest art is sometimes

inspired at the latest hours of everyday

when my mind’s eye turns my hands into

strokes of chaos

Yesterday’s paint strokes are sometimes dark,

but I see colours sometimes through

the shadows of my pain.  -Annsabelle-


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