Abstract Artist

Abstract Artist

Abstract Artist Annsabelle Ramas a true abstract artist that believes in expressing her energy threw strokes of paint.

I call my collection of art Inspiration for all  – Creativeness comes from places deep in our soul – We all want to find purpose in life – Sometimes heavy thoughts are colours in my dreams – My greatest art is inspired at the latest hours of everyday – when my mind’s eye turns my hands into strokes of chaos – Yesterday’s paint strokes are sometimes dark – but I see colours sometimes through the shadows of my pain.  


Abstract Artist


Abstract Artist

Annsabelle’s Bio: By Philannie Lyn Ramas Tan

With a tremendous Art Show, Annsabelle “Ann~ann” Ramas Pronych, a Fil~Canadian, Professional Abstract Artist is making name in art industry. She focuses on the “Life Expressions” a human’s inner life and put emotions into it. Annsabelle was born on March 7,1980 and raised in the Philippines. With a Minister parents and eldest child among five (5) siblings.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree Major in Broadcasting Journalism in year 2000, a college Scholarship program by being a Student Assistant in Dean’s Office, and library from Philippine Christian University, Taft Avenue, Manila. And also took a Nursing Course from Emilio Aguinaldo College. She began painting at a young age and creating pieces of art. Her work is specifically connected with life of feeling. She expresses by throwing her strokes which a natural release of “letting go” or “letting of steam”

Ann started her art with the thought of her life’s journey. She dig deeper to design it and create amazing visual effects. It is her courage to forge ahead from personal experiences of heartache and pain. Emotions are an incredibly important aspect of her collection. She also believes that her creativity comes from places deep in our soul.

She hopes that her art will help others find purpose and meaning in their life. For her, the way you see and describe her art contributes to it’s message. Her divine strokes of thought and dreams may speak to your mind and soul. Her creations is bringing about your own freedom. The art that made of line, texture, shape, form, color and value. Once she started painting, it removes all the traces of reality. With an imaginative life’s colorful journey and you have to live colorfully.

Her artistic and unique creations isn’t always easy because you need to be inspired by something to create art. It also requires an open mind and big imagination to an open interpretation. She just didn’t paint; it also talked and touched everyone to pull back oneself. It is her way to influence her audience, uses her passion.

Indeed, shown in her painting a remarkable and deep strength coming from within that makes an impact to everyone. Yesterday’s paint strokes of dark days past are making way for bright future horizons. Rebuilding herself, she met this man named Christopher McEachnie that magically changes her life. This guy who always inspire and help her to stay stronger and together they hold hand by hand to face the amazing gift of life and love.

Chris also wrote a powerful song for her which is included in this book. ( You can find in page), the sweetest way a love can do. Vice versa, they re~write their stories. Annsabelle has been always a woman of substance. She fight each day to become a better version of herself.

She is grateful enough for the people who are meant to be in her life. And keep on believing that there are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life and happiness. Annsabelle ones said “The one who view life the way as I am have the greatest knowledge. Our self~expression, these are what we stay alive for”Her work has been cited and featured in Jet Set Magazine. This is a prestigious Lifestyle magazine.

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